Okay.  The folks who just want the tip of the iceberg - that's cool - we got you covered in the "30 Second Pitch".  But if you really wanna know who I am - well...I'm someone who prefers to dig deep.  So here's the extended version of my answer to the question: 


I've been acting professionally since I was in the 4th grade.  I love it.  And its not about ego.  Its not about being a star.  Maybe it was once - but I've grown up.  Now its all about loving community and collaboration.  And telling stories with friends.  About asking "why?". And shocking the system.  And changing the world.  And believing in ideals.  And being stupidly romantic about it all.  And yes - its even about art.  Yes.  A-R-T.  I live in L.A. and I said its about "art".  I'm not ashamed.  I'm not ashamed in the slightest because I believe in art.  In its power.  In its necessity.  In its profundity.  I've dedicated my life to it. 

I am an artist.  It took me a while to own that without feeling pretentious.  But I own it now.  Fully.  I've been doing nothing BUT making art for a living for about fifteen years now.   I've earned the title artist.  Hard fought and hard won.  I found my voice.  And I love it.  And that title - "Artist" - means I'm a lot of things.  More than can be encapsulated by the five letters that make up the word actor.

I'm also a photographer.  Professionally.  Check me out: www.bradenmoranphotography.com  I've been shooting for 20 years.  Learned on film - transitioned to digital.  Built a business five years ago.  And I run that shit.  Like a boss.  Well - not like a "boss" in the playful, pop culture meaning.  I mean it quite literally. I. Am. My. Own. Boss.  And I wouldn't want it any other way.  I'm proud of all the work I've done.  I'm proud of everything I taught myself.  I'm grateful for the tremendous list of mentors who've inspired and educated me. I love having a vision and a strong voice and honoring my instincts and refining my point of view.  Its made me a better actor and collaborator and PERSON - because I'm not afraid to bring an idea to the table.  In my mind - the best idea leads...so why wouldn't I believe that I'm capable of creating that catalyst that propels us all forward.  I've learned that people hire me for ME.  People like the way I see things.  People like the way I am with them.  People TRUST me to help them fulfill their dreams.  They believe in my talent.  And as I've taken that all in as a photographer - its given me power as a human.  And further fuel and confidence as an actor.

I'm a writer too.  Working on some screenplays.  Working on a book blending my musings on life from the intersection of my unique actor/photographer experience.  Working on a blog on my photography site.  I ramble.  I don't care about grammar.  If you made it this far - this is not news to you. What I care about is connection.  And I care about honesty.  And vulnerability.  And true sharing - which is communion.  And moving through the fear of putting myself out there...and just PUTTING MYSELF OUT THERE.  I've learned that when you claim a fear - you turn it into a strength.  It has no power over you anymore.  Writing is one of the most vulnerable things I've experienced.  Because you gotta stand naked out there.  Even as an actor - and I have ACTUALLY been fully naked on stage - there was still some distance because I was playing a role, using other people's words, living in imaginary circumstances. But this writing stuff.  There's nowhere to hide.  And that's terrifying, and challenging...and thrilling.  

I'm a million other things, too.  I'm a lover of nature.  I have a background in dance and gymnastics. 

I box. 

I'm not fighting any title fights.  I'm 35.  I do it because its oddly meditative and it beats the hell out of treadmills.  But I've been training with some great teachers for over a year now...and I can hold my own.  Its the greatest form of improv.  You think too much - you get hit in the face.  BUT - if you live in your body, in the moment - you move and respond with much more fluidity. 

I cook.  I listen to music during almost every waking second of my life.  My tastes are many and varied...if you got something good - I wanna hear it.  I'm teaching myself Spanish.  I drive stick.  And I fucking love it.  I read books from the library.  Like an old man.  And I listen to podcasts and watch documentaries infinitely more than I ever watch t.v. shows.  Sacrilege to admit in L.A. - but that's simply who I am and what I do. 


Who are you?  What do you do? 

Drop me a line.  Connect with me on Facebook.  Send me a band you love on Spotify.  Start a conversation.

Make a connection.  Be curious. 

It makes all the difference. 

Thanks for checking out the site - I look forward to connecting further.